Pride Pals Stickers

Pride Pals are now available as stickers! Create your own custom Pride Pal Sticker Stack by adding your Pronouns, Pride Flag, and Personality Plauques!

Build Your Pride Pals Sticker Stack!
A lanyard with a pastel knit rainbow pattern on it with pins attached to it, there is a raccoon head at the top and his tail at the bottom so it looks like is holding several plaque pins including "He/Him" on a blue background, a pin striped with the colors of the progress pride flag, a pin with pastel rainbow polyhedral dice on it, and a pin that reads "neuronspicy" with peppers on it. There are pastel polyhedral dice around the lanyard on a blue paper background.

Pride Pals

Pride Pals are a totally interchangeable collection of pins that lets you wear your pride!

Build Your Custom Pride Pals Set!

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Two earrings in the shape of chunky hearts with diagonal stripes of the inclusive pride flag. The earrings are on a blue background with pastel heart confetti around.

New Pride Earrings

Share your pride with these cute heart shaped earrings!

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