An enamel pin shaped like a Polly Pocket toy with a tiny fairy doll and a flower compact house. The pin is on a yellow background with pinecones and acorns strewn about it.

Fairy Pocket Just Flew In!

My Witchy Pocket Pin Set has been so popular that I decided to make a whole Pocket Friends series! Fairy Pocket is the newest addition with her adorable flower compact house.

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A collection of spooky cute pins on a hot pink background. There is a raven pin, books pin, ghost pin, skull pin, gravestone pins, coffin pin, and artists palette pin.

Deathly Cute

A morbidly adorable collection of enamel pins, stickers, washi tape, and more! We're all going to die so why not get more comfortable with that fact via the power of cuteness.

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Several enamel pins on a pink background covered in pastel sprinkles. The pins are shaped like a Furby toy, a gameboy, a vintage Polly Pocket, and some tamagotchi toys.

Totally 90's Witch

A brand new witchy pin collection that is full of cute 90's nostalgia!

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A coin with a sun on a white lace background resting on a coin with a moon and stars on a black lace background. The coins are surrounded by crystals and tarot cards.

Sun and Moon Divination Coin

If you're the type of person who can't decide what's for dinner (tacos or pizza?!) to save your life, then leave the decision up to fate. This celestial inspired coin is perfect for 50/50 divinations, using as a d2 for D&D, or just keeping in your pocket as a fiddle object.

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