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  • A purple square pad of sticky notes featuring a ghost holding a light purple box to write in.
  • A purple square sticky notepad featuring an illustration of a ghost holding a box with a to-do list written on it. The to-do list reads "Seance appt @ 4:30, Haunt Graveyard,  Practice ethereal wailing". The notepad is on an orange background surrounded by pens.
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Kitty With A Cupcake

Ghost Sticky Notes

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Don't be scared of forgetting something, this cute little ghost will haunt your notes so you won't lose them! These square sticky note pads have a purple background with a cute ghost holding a light purple box for you to write in. The perfect way to make your desk a little bit more spooky cute. 


  • Quantity: 1
  • 3"x3" 

All original designs and art © Emily O'Brien/Kitty With A Cupcake