Hi There! I'm Emily of Kitty With A Cupcake. I'm a full-time artist, pin designer, illustrator, and knitting pattern designerI create magically cute flair for Queers, Witches, Crafters, and Cool People! I have designed so many fun items with my art like enamel pins, stickers, stationery, charms, earrings, and more. 

I invented the Pride Pals Interchangeable Pin System! These are a series of adorable enamel pins where you pick your Pal (which includes a cute head and butt) and then your Plaques, you can add Pride Plaques, Pronoun Plaques, and Personality Plaques to share you pride with pins!  

I try to make my witchy designs appealing for practicing witches (like myself) and people who enjoy the witchy aesthetic. Witches are on the rise! There is a huge contingent of young women getting involved in witchcraft and witchy aesthetics right now. A lot of them are nervous to be “out of the broom closet” and many of my items are discreetly witchy enough that they can visibly use/wear them without people batting an eye. 

I live in Louisville, KY with my husband Chad, and a menagerie of 1 dog, 3 cats, 6 chickens, and about 20,000 honeybees. I love kitties, cupcakes, all things witchy, all things cute, and yarn! 

I do other cool stuff aside from my own personal art! I am the Co-Organzier and Marketing Maven for the Fiber Witch Festival in Salem, MA. It's an annual festival celebrating the intersection of fiber craft and witchcraft! 

I also run the Fiber Coven Podcast with my good friend Lauren of Valkryie Fibers. Fiber Coven is a weekly witchy themed fiber arts podcast! We’re a coven of two yarn witches trying to craft fiber magic through knitting, dyeing, spinning, and whatever we can get our witchy hands on. Join us on Patreon for exclusive blog content, sneak peeks, behind the scenes, videos and more! 

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