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Kitty With A Cupcake

Tattoo Ticket

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You want one of my illustrations as a tattoo? That's so awesome! I would super appreciate it if you bought this virtual "Tattoo Ticket" to compensate me for my design! Lots of tattoo artist require a permission slip like this to tattoo another artist's original idea. 

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you need a high quality image of the design for your Tattoo! 


  • Good for 1 Tattoo
  • You won't receive anything in the mail for this item, you are just paying me for use of my design.
  • This does not cover the actual cost of getting the tattoo, you need to work that out with your tattoo artist! 
  • Tag me in social media if you or the tattoo artist post pictures of your finished tattoo! (I really want to see how it turns out!!!)