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  • A pin of a red circle with a pink boarder with a bow and arrow in the center of the red circle to represent the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The arrow has a heart for an arrow head.
  • A circle enamel pin with a cute pink bow and arrow in it to represent Sagittarius. The pin is on a yellow background with gold confetti around it.
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Kitty With A Cupcake

💜B-GRADE💜 Sagittarius Zodiac Merit Badge Enamel Pin

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💜 This is a B-Grade Pin! That means it is not up to my usual standards of quality and it is why it is discounted. Some of the things that might be wrong with it are scratches, smudges, missing enamel, or the wrong color enamel in the wrong spot. I'm very picky with my grading so most of the time I'm the only one who notices the issue. 💜

Check out this blog post for examples of my B-Grade Pins!

Please note that B-Grade Pins are final sale and I do not accept returns on them. 

Pin this Zodiac Merit Badge to your outfit to show that you're a Sagittarius. The symbol for Sagittarius is a centaur with a bow and arrow but it is often represented by just the bow and arrow. I went with a cute version with an adorable little heart to be the arrowhead. People with Sagittarius as their sign are always looking to learn new things!

November 22nd through December 21st is the season for Sagittarius so if your birthday is in that window Sagittarius is your sun sign.  


  • Quantity: 1
  • .75"x.75" 
  • Finishes: Rose Gold colored metal and hard enamel
  • Includes 1 pink rubber pin back and backing card

All original designs and art © Emily O'Brien/Kitty With A Cupcake