Build Your Own Custom Pride Pals Pin Set!

Build Your Own Custom Pride Pals Pin Set!

Pride Pals are now live in the shop! You can create your own custom pin set with this fully interchangeable collection of pins. The more pins you bundle together the more you save! 

Pick out your favorite Pal, there are so many cute options! There are spooky buddies like Mothman, Ghost, Baphomet, and Baba Yaga. There are also several animal friends like Black Cat, Orange Cat, Pug, Axolotl, Raccoon, and Opossum. Shop all the Pride Pals here

Add you Pride to your set! There are 19 different Pride flags represented that you can choose from! 

Pronoun Plaques come in these fun colorful versions or you can get white or black for any of the pronoun combinations. 

Personality Plaques are a great way to share what you love! I have bunch of different options like books, dice, crafts, video games, and more!

Bundling Pride Pals Pins together saves you money! Every Plaque added to a Pal Set saves you $1 and every additional Pal saves you $2. For Example:

1 Pal Set + 1 Plaque = $29 ($1 saved)

1 Pal Set + 2 Plaques = $38 ($2 saved)

2 Pal Sets + 2 Plaques = $56 ($4 saved) 

If you are looking for the other items that were in the Kickstarter campaign, For this shop update I'm only including the actual Pride Pals Pins and a couple bonus add on items. There are so many different options in this collection that there are over 128 different items all together! Pride Pals Stickers, Pride Hair clips, Pride Shoe Charms, and other items will be coming in a later shop update!